Lethal Verses
non-archival paper flier (2017); acrylic (2018)

Lethal Verses is a text produced by the fictional leftist paramilitary organization, Versus Verses, whose primary interests are weaponizing poetry and awakening people's inner poets as a means of revolution-making. The work was originally produced as part of the Welcome Packet publication handed out at The First Ritual Retreat on the Viability of Kidnapping, a collaborative performance at Iceberg Projects (Chicago, IL) with Ruby T's organization Mansion Rug Liberation Network.

Lethal Verses is a series of prompts intended to inspire (potential) revolutionaries to engineer what Versus Verses terms "Poeti-Weaponry." Lethal Verses is a sort of manifesto as much as it is a call-to-action: the list of potential poems (a poem in its own right) encourages the public to wield tactical slowness and poetic thinking as means of resisting and disrupting normative power as distributed and maintained by racialized capitalism.